1st class CPD – Crossing the Transition Bridge from Key Stage 2 to 3

by | Dec 14, 2023 | Curriculum, Leadership

Avoiding the dip in performance of pupils as they cross the transition bridge from primary to secondary school

Join us for this essential webinar  Crossing the Transition Bridge – Creating seamless learning from key stage 2 to 3   – transition30th January 2024 2pm to 5pm. Hosted by Glynis Frater who is an expert in how to create the smoothest transition and how to dovetail curriculum implementation as an essential part of the planning for year 7 and key stage 3.  We provide a wealth of materials and tools to help you to plan for a seamless learning experience that ensures there is no dip in performance and where pupils thrive and grow as they start their secondary journey.

Now is the time to focus on planning for a smooth transition for all pupils as they move from their primary to their secondary school. The current debates about school absenteeism, well – being, curriculum excellence from intent into implementation and a deep focus on parity and access to a broad and balanced curriculum all start with excellent planning for the best possible start in the secondary school for every pupil.

Read more below about the importance of effective transition at this vital time for pupils on their journey from primary to secondary school and how through positive policy, effective dialogue and powerful partnerships pupils make the leap more successfully. Read Glynis’s article about transition on our website Transition from Key Stage 2 to 3 – creating a learning bridge from primary to secondary school . 



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