Crossing the Transition Bridge from KS2 to KS3 (Online)


Creating seamless learning across the transition bridge as pupils move from their primary to their secondary school has a significant impact on the rest of a pupil’s secondary school life. We have innovative approaches that make a difference.

How to foster partnerships and ensure a learning platform that builds on prior learning and prepares pupils for year 7 and beyond


How will this course benefit you?

There is a well-researched dip in performance of learners during transition from the end year 6 to the end of year 7 of anything up to 40%. Imagine turning this around so that dip is turned into an increase in learning and achievement. In this course we look at strategies that can improve the process of transition especially focusing on learning, creating curriculum cohesion, greater opportunities for partnership working and managing change for pupils. 

Creating seamless learning across the transition bridge has a significant impact on the rest of a pupil’s secondary school life. We use outstanding research and innovative ideas to strengthen partnerships and ensure pupils build on prior learning, deepen their knowledge and continue to remain competent in a range of skills that pupils were taught and have practised from early years to year 6.


What will be covered in the course?

  • Review how to ensure there are opportunities to work closely with all stakeholders to build a transition policy that delivers seamless academic as well as pastoral transition
  • Look at the deep curriculum content included in the programmes of study across all subjects in key stage 2 and what is included as part of SATs so that all secondary subject teachers plan to build on prior learning that deepens knowledge and understanding across year 7, throughout key stage 3 and as a springboard for GCSEs and beyond
  • Provide resources that enable teachers in both phases to talk about a common pedagogy, assessment methodology and learning strategies to ensure pupils can continue to learn and progress across the transition bridge
  • Focus specifically on literacy and numeracy and the essential emphasis on both that is a focus of primary education
  • Share best practice examples of how some schools are successfully building highly effective partnerships between primary and secondary settings

Who is this course for?

  • Heads of Year 7 who have the responsibility for ensuring all pupils new to their secondary school have the best possible start both academically and pastorally
  • Transition managers, with responsibility for liaison with primary schools and raising achievement in year 7 and throughout Key stage 3. 
  • Partnership co-ordinators who work across groups of schools and have a responsibility for ensuring all pupils make a smooth transition from primary to secondary school

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