Team Coaching for Senior and Middle Leaders

Learn how to be an effective team coach

Team coaching is relatively new. Coaching in its purest sense is seen as a one to one conversation that allows one person to share their goals and what they will do to achieve them. Team coaching is much more about how to ensure the team is working cohesively together to achieve a shared goal.


Some of the benefits of using a coaching approach to manage teams

Where leaders use a coaching approach with teams, they can challenge their effectiveness and enhance their potential to achieve the goals. Using coaching with teams uses many of the same skills as those employed in one to one coaching, including

  • Helping to clarify outcomes
  • Identifying and exploring resources that will help in achieving the desired outcomes
  • Exploring options and strategies that will move the team towards the goals they have set
  • Making all members of the team accountable for their actions and achievements
  • Seeing clearly the barriers or paradigms that might hinder progress and success
  • Providing insight and clarity through effective listening and questioning
  • Managing time – frames and deadlines in order to maintain a critical path that leads to achievement of the project or plan

Developing teams using coaching – the agenda for a training opportunity for senior and middle leaders

  • Have a good understanding of the difference between a group and a team
  • Learn coaching techniques that can influence change for multiple voices as opposed to the single voice in a one to one interaction
  • Understand some of the principles of making things visible without controlling the team
  • Developing skills and strategies for ensuring everyone in the team is a contributor and has a voice that is heard
  • Knowing the important roles that team leaders can adopt when using a coaching approach
  • Managing the power differential to ensure effective coaching leadership when managing teams
  • Using the 5ps framework for ensuring team effectiveness

Learn how to be an effective team coach

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