We can support leaders in education across all phases from early years to post 16 to with long and medium-term planning, quality assurance strategies and preparation for inspection.

Designing the School Improvement Plan and defining the long-term vision for success through the lens of expert curriculum and education improvement leaders

Curriculum reviews that focus on the essential elements that will deliver evidence of high-quality education outcomes that ensure learners achieve their full potential.

Planning for effective transition – building strategic approaches to ensuring transition into school in the early primary phase, from key stage 2 to 3 and key stage 4 to 5. 

Preparing for Inspection – an in-depth focus on what is currently working well and how through high quality collaboration and a shared commitment to achieving the same quality outcomes evidence of cohesion, a sequenced and well-balanced curriculum is assured.

Strategic CPD planning linked to well-defined Quality Assurance standards using audit tools and face to face observation and interaction

Pupil premium reviews and audits – working with an expert in Pupil Premium to ensure clear evidence that the fund is closing attainment gaps

Developing a Coaching Culture – Advice and guidance and the development of planning tools to ensure coaching delivers high quality professional standards across the whole organisation