Coaching and the Pastoral Role in a School or College 18th July 2024 Manchester


Pastoral leaders will develop a range of coaching skills that can have a significant impact on the well-being, behaviour and motivation of pupils. Coaching is about empathy, listening and having the patience and insight to support pupils.

Coaching Builds Confidence, Fosters Well-Being and Improves Behaviour


How will this course benefit you?

Coaching is about allowing individuals to solve their own problems, find solutions and build on their strengths and successes. This is particularly pertinent to those with a pastoral role within a school or college.

Learning how to coach will enhance the skills of pastoral leaders and year heads and help them to foster resilience, reflection and resourcefulness that ensure pupils learn how to be more independent, self-reliant and motivated to learn.

A useful piece of reading for all those who have a role within the pastoral care system in education is an article 

Pastoral Care: A 10 step plan which is in Teacher Magazine

What will be covered in the course?

  • Identifying the qualities of an effective pastoral team – skills and attributes required to ensure success with learners and with the team
  • Defining current practice – what works well and what could be improved
  • Examining why coaching is a powerful model to use to ensure the pastoral process supports well-being among staff, pupils and parents, builds self-esteem, fosters learner progression, creates opportunities for motivation and ensures success at school
  • Identifying and practising coaching skills in relation to an issue or situation that commonly arises in a pastoral setting
  • Developing a strategy for how to implement a coaching culture into the pastoral process

Who is this course for?

  • Pastoral leaders – learning how to coach can enhance the skills associated with leadership, team-building and a shared vision for success
  • Year heads and phase leaders – Coaching with pupils and with parents can have a significant impact on developing resilience, building self-esteem and ensuring individuals are aware of the consequences of their actions and behaviours
  • House leaders – This event would also support or vertical tutors where communication across teams is vital in ensuring the well-being of learners and where older students may benefit from coaching so that they can support younger learners

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