wellbeing in Education

Well Being

in Education

Well-being in Education

Well-being, ensuring sound mental health and an effective pastoral process work together to make sure all staff and all learners are ready for learning, can forge constructive relationships and develop positive attitudes and behaviours. Creating a collaborative and caring culture is an essential element of protecting well-being and we have the CPD that can make a difference.

About us

Find out more about our exceptional team of well being coaches and pastoral experts who will work with individuals, teams and the whole school to develop essential well being strategies.

Learn About Coaching and how through coaching individuals become more self-aware and confident in their own ability to manage change and to be strong in difficult times. Our coaching programmes benefit those with a pastoral role, the SENCO and those who manage the Pupil Premium. 

Embark on a journey to become a coach with our Certificate in Coaching Competence – A journey in coaching and learn the skills that can nurture the well being of all staff and learners.


Take a tentative step out of school and attend one or more of our off-site prestigious events 

We can deliver INSET or in-house workshops for pastoral teams, teachers and their support staff to develop a range of skills that will nurture well being and enhance the pastoral process.

Online Services 

Live webinars focus on Leadership & Quality, Coaching, Curriculum, Teaching & Learning, Well being,

Own one or more of our comprehensive five section CPD Box Sets that you can use with your staff at a time to suit your timetable and CPD schedule.

The Expert Series is a suite of materials and training for subject experts in primary schools and key stage 3 to deepen their understanding of curriculum imperatives and subject specific curriculum implementation. 

Well-being in Education


Select topical articles linked to well-being, coaching, current education policy, curriculum innovation and powerful CPD opportunities. These are broken down into five sections.