Well-being in Education

Well-being, ensuring sound mental health and an effective pastoral process work together to make sure all staff and all learners are ready for learning, can forge constructive relationships and develop positive attitudes and behaviours. Creating a collaborative and caring culture is an essential element of protecting well-being and we have the CPD for teachers and other educators that can make a difference.

Our suite of courses linked to well-being in education

Ensuring the well-being of all learners and staff in any educational organisation requires a programme of essential CPD for teachers and all those who work in this important environment.

Raising Attainment and Well-being – a programme of development

Raising Attainment and Well-being – working in conjunction with the Teaching Times and Microlink to provide coaching support for schools who have bought into this amazing programme Raising Attainment and Well-being. It covers,

    Improving the emotional well-being and mental health in an education setting for staff and pupils
    Re-examines a whole school community’s relationship with ‘behaviour’ and ‘behaviour management’, creating a culture and practice is trauma informed and relationship driven
    Applying the latest knowledge in the neuroscience of learning to create classrooms that support neuro-diverse learners through grounded cognitive and metacognitive practice
    Removing individual barriers to learning through the advanced deployment of assisted technology

Why we are working in partnership to deliver this programme

This programme helps teaching professionals to understand what they can do to create an inclusive learning environment that supports and nurtures the highest possible levels of emotional well-being through building social and emotional resilience by meeting the needs of neuro-diverse learners, thereby accelerating progress and securing better personal outcomes. Ask us how you can be involved 01746 765076 or email glynis@learningcultures.org

CPD for teachers and all other educational professionals is essential!

Talk to us about your vision and your goals for creating a coaching culture in your school or college. Use our contact us page or telephone us on 01746 765076 or email me, glynis@learningcultures.org.

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