Your Role and the Quality of Teaching and Learning


The role of Cover Supervisor is an important one for a school. Having lessons covered by someone at short notice or where a teacher is away for a period of time is vital to make sure that learning continues and pupils continue to be challenged, nurtured or supported. It is therefore in the interest of the school to make sure that the Cover Supervisor has the same feeling of belonging to the organisation as a teacher or leader.

The role of the Teaching Assistant is very different from that of a Cover Supervisor. However, they are often there in the classroom with you and can be a great support. Use their experience and find out from them about pupils who may need help, may be capable of causing behaviour issues or problems and they will have a good understanding of what has been taught and how your lesson or lessons fit into the wider learning plan.

Asking to shadow a teacher or teachers by sitting in a lesson and observing can be the best professional development you can receive. Opportunities to reflect on your learning from such an experience is also very helpful.

Work closely with your own colleagues if you have them and share your good practice and how they might help with issues you have experienced in the classroom.

You have the right to be upset if you are left with no work or inappropriate work and having the right of redress is essential.

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