The Reflective Cycle


One of the most important word for a coach to emphasise is the word reflection.

This cycle is one of many that you might use to focus on your reasons for wanting to build coaching into your repertoire of strategies that lead towards the highest quality of curriculum, pedagogy and teaching and learning.

Coaching always starts with the goal, so ask yourself what is it I am trying to achieve?

We like this model because it then asks you to explore your feelings.

How does it feel to make the decision to build a coaching culture for developing staff and pupils.

It then asks you to describe your strategy, what will you do, who will help by when.

Analysis is then to focus on the impact you are looking for and evaluate is essentially how will it look when you have succeeded.

The second reason we like this model is because it squares the circle with learn, what have you learnt from the process?

What will you do differently next time?

Use the words and reflect on some answers to the sequence set out by Gibbs, Atkins and Murphy.

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