The Power of Coaching – GROW Model


GROW is one of the most well used coaching models we have. It is so useful for simply gathering your thoughts and defining your own plan for self-development and ensuring that your role as a Cover Supervisor allows you to grow your own skills and build your confidence and abilities in the classroom.

Start with your goal and think carefully about what you would like to do to enhance your role.

Then think about the reality Firstly, what is currently working well? This is important as a starting point but it sets up the planning process from the positive. Then what are the barriers to successful achievement of your goal? What might get in the way.

You can then open up your thinking to focus on your options, what could you do differently, who could help, what other training do I need and so on.

Finally, the will of grow, is what will you do first and what will make a difference. There is a GROW writing frame in the resources section that you can use to write your GROW. It is quite cathartic and helps to put your thoughts together in a framework

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