The Coaching Process: GROW


GROW was introduced by John Whitmore in his book Coaching for Performance and People back in 2003.

The G is for goal, what is that you want to achieve.

The R is for reality, which has two important elements, what is working well which is an essential starting point for any coaching conversation, but also just as important is an understanding of the barriers that might impede progress towards achieving the stated goal.

The O is for option and this is where you can use your imagination, what could you do, what else, what else.

Lastly, the W is for will, what will you do as the first step and by when, in other words a goal is about actions and the sooner the goal becomes a reality the better. Remember the word will has two meanings, the second on is do I have the will to see this through.

The GROW model was further enhanced by Christian Van Nieuwerburgh in his book The Leaders Guide to Coaching in Schools where he adds two other letters T for tactics, what is the strategy and H for habits, how will you sustain success,

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