Summary – Your Role as a Cover Supervisor


Share with your colleagues your interpretation of the role you fulfil in relation to being a Cover Supervisor.

Use the slide to prompt a discussion. Being a part of a team is so helpful, otherwise this role is very isolating.

Having the right lesson content and resources is also really important and you should have the skills and the confidence to be quite assertive in expecting this.

Behaviour management is a challenge but it also a talent and needs to be learnt. Even the most seasoned teacher will occasionally have problems. Remember that it is nearly always only one pupil or a small group of pupils so the less attention you give them as individuals the more likely they are to change.

It is useful to have access to the programmes of study, they are available to download as a resource here.

You do need to know who you are responsible to and how you can continue to develop in your role over time.

Have presence, stand tall and learn the skills that will enhance your role in the classroom. You are a vital cog in the ever turning school system.

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