Roles, Who, When and What?


As a Cover Supervisor you are an employee of the school and therefore a part of a wider team and a staff member of the whole school in terms of the part you play in staff, departmental and other meetings, information transfer and the general day to day pastoral support every member of staff receives as a right.

It is really useful to take time to think carefully about your role and how you feel in relation to your status within the school.

•What is really positive about your experiences of being a Cover Supervisor?

•What would you like to see happen in school that would enhance your role as a Cover Supervisor?

•What opportunities do you have to be an integral part of a team, a department or a faculty?

•How much support do you receive in terms of your own well-being and self-esteem?

•How confident are you in the classroom? What support is available for you in terms of behaviour management and the quality of output from pupils?

•What is your relationship with the wider support team?

Use the proforma to record your thoughts and if possible work together with others to discuss what works well and what you might like to see change in the future.

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