Responsibilities of a Cover Supervisor


This slide has been compiled with some Cover Supervisors we have worked with in a local secondary school. It is not exhaustive but it is fairly comprehensive so probably one of the first things to do is to add any other responsibilities that apply to you in your own context.

Most of the responsibilities on this slide should be a part of an induction and the ongoing respect for the role of the Cover Supervisor. However experience and evidence from talking to many Cover Supervisors many of the points listed are not something they feel confident enough to say is within their hands.

Cover Supervisors must be organised and focused and expect teachers to be the same in relation to their role in making sure that there is appropriate and timely work set.

Point two and thee are straightforward housekeeping issues. To have some idea as to the curriculum being taught in the subjects being covered is helpful and raises the profile of the cover person.

It is not necessary to have a detailed knowledge of assessment rubrics, seating plans or different pedagogical approaches but to have some understanding once again helps with a feeling of self-worth and confidence in the role.

Also to be forewarned as to pupils with special needs, who are challenging or easily distracted should be a part of the preparation as should the expectations of what pupils can and cannot do. 

It is most definitely important that the Cover Supervisor feels confident and able to question if they feel the work set is not appropriate. In order for learning objectives to be met it is important that they have been defined by the teacher.

The Cover Supervisor should feel able to feedback with issues and concerns.

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