Positive Questioning


Learning how to use incisive and challenging questions is at the very heart of being a good practitioner, facilitator or teacher in the classroom. Learning that open questions are the most probing will open doors to really excellent classroom management.

Effective questioning is at the heart of the coaching process, it is also integral to high quality learning and using open ended questions puts the emphasis on the learner to solve their own problems and own the alternatives and the solutions as they find them. 

Learning how to question effectively is a skill and will come naturally to the good coach but also to the good teacher who will naturally empower and influence others to learn from their mistakes and develop deep learning techniques that will equip them to solve their own problems and develop a wide range of life skills in preparation for life and work.

Open questions are those questions to which you cannot answer yes or no and they start with one on the words in red highlighted in the slide above. What do you think needs to happen next? Is an open question. Do you know what happens next is a closed question?

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