Key Coaching Skills and Qualities


This slide highlights the skills a coach will employ in trying to support another person to move forward, find their own solution, change their behaviour or achieve their goal, objective or ambition.

Empathy is a trait that all teachers and of course Cover Supervisors should have so focus on how this can be nurtured in your role in the classroom. Building rapport and establishing trusting relationships is an essential element of all good classroom practice and creating the right conditions where pupils know you are honest and will support them in their learning is essential. Putting things into perspective can have a dramatic impact on how well pupils react to certain situations and help them to realise the consequence their behaviours have on others.

Focusing on the positive at all times is uplifting and powerful, we all have the most amazing potential so the more we can concentrate on the strengths of others rather than their weaknesses the more likely they are to be successful. It is also true that remaining objective is a very necessary trait for a Cover Supervisor and being open – minded although sometimes quite difficult will reap rewards.

Challenging others in a positive way so that they have to question their own attitudes and behaviours and when this is part of reflection change happens. Questioning is the skill that makes the difference and we will look at that in more detail in this section.

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