Key coaching skills 2


We also need to hone a number of key skills in order to become a coach that are so important in learning how to influence others to set and achieve their own goals and aspirations and feel confident and comfortable with taking risks and knowing that mistakes lead to learning.

Coaches are empathetic, they listen actively and accurately to what is said and what isn’t said.

A coach can put things into perspective because they are self-aware and are aware of what needs to change.

A coach must engender trust through remaining fair and objective in a given situation.

A coach wants to encourage their coachee to reflect on their learning and create the right conditions for them to grow in their role.

A coach builds trust, never dwells on things that have gone wrong or are are not working and doesn’t judge or make demands.

Finally, and maybe most importantly along with listening is the skill of asking deep and incisive questions to probe and challenge in such a way that leads to a deep awareness for the coachee of their need to find their own way forward.

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