Introduction to Leading A Coaching Culture


Hello, my name is Glynis and I am director of professional development and coaching at Learning Cultures.

The Coaching team here have a wealth of experience as coaches and have all worked in senior leadership positions in education, both in schools and colleges. Coaching is a powerful leadership strategy that empowers leaders, teams and individuals to find their own solutions to be self aware, set and achieve their goals and manage positive change that leads to the achievement of the vision and ambition for excellence and improvement.

This short cameo course is complimentary for those who are members of our growing network of education professionals. We hope it inspires a desire to start the journey towards creating a coaching culture that enhances leadership, pedagogy, highly effective curriculum implementation, and deep learning for all.

About Leading a Coaching Culture


An organisation that has adopted a coaching culture looks for the positive creates an atmosphere of trust and self belief. Learning how to coach gives leaders the skills to challenge, motivate and empower others to set clearly defined goals and create the right pathway for ensuring they are successful. Individuals and the teams they belong to work together to find their own solutions create an atmosphere where mistakes are treated lightly and lead to a collective approach to looking forward towards high quality outcomes.

The rewards mean that less people want to work elsewhere. individuals learn how to manage time effectively and understand that their own strengths and development needs. There is a collective and collaborative approach to a culture where values drive positive change and challenge. That is why planning to implement a coaching culture is the best decision a school leader can make.

A Coaching Culture is both sustainable and cost effective. It does take time, but the rewards are worth it. The next topic outlines some of those advantages.

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