Creating a cohesive and successful Secondary Curriculum

The aim of this course of study is to clarify and structure the secondary curriculum for your school. We will look to establish a:

  • clear statement of intent as to curriculum ambition and rationale
  • planned and sequentially curriculum model
  • knowledge of the key concepts that need to be taken into consideration when designing the curriculum
  • structure where subject and department leaders are pivotal to ensuring the curriculum intent is translated into consistent subject and cross – curricular content
  • focus on building on prior learning and planning the curriculum so that it is clear what outcomes are intended
  • Knowledge and skills need to be clearly defined as part of sequencing the learning from year7 to year 11 and beyond
  • There should be a well-defined quality assurance process that focuses on how well the curriculum intent is interpreted and implemented

As this course progresses you will be asked to read essential materials, comment on the reading as it applies to your context and to complete activities to challenge your thinking and understanding of the curriculum. The reading and activities are not optional and will be required later in the course.

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