Coaching for Cover Supervisors


Welcome to this Learning Cultures’ course ‘Coaching for Cover Supervisors’.

The role of the Cover Supervisor is an important one and the reason we using the principles of coaching as a part of this course is because learning how to coach enhances self-esteem, builds positive approaches to classroom management and behaviour. Coaching gives the Cover Supervisor a range of skills to support them to interact in a positive way with teachers and pupils.

The course is broken down into five sections and in each there will be a range of resources, activities and materials that the facilitator of this course can use to share with their Cover Supervisors.

There are opportunities for interactive discussions and we suggest that time is given to participants to share their experiences, particularly positive ones so that they can learn from each other. Where there is only one Cover Supervisor it is a good idea to create opportunities for teachers and Cover Supervisors to have some time together to talk about classroom management and teaching and learning.

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