Boyatzis‘ model of intentional change


We have a model here for you to use that gives you an opportunity to think about yourself, something we don’t always have the time to do. It asks that you can think about your ideal self, who do you aspire to be? It then asks that you think about you real self, who are you now?

Asking individuals to focus on their own strengths is never easy, non of us is too happy about boasting about what we are good at. You are in the teaching profession, you have strengths and abilities, articulate them, be proud of them. The Boyatzis asks that you think about your gaps, not your weaknesses.

You can fill a gap, a weakness suggests something that cannot be easily changed.

Now think about your learning agenda, what do I need to do to fill my gaps to add to my strengths to move from my real self to my ideal self.

The model then asks that you experiment and practise until you can move towards your goal, your ideal self.

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