Behaviour and Learning


This slide is very good advice.

Stand tall, be assertive, always start with something positive, ‘When I heard I was going to be working with this class today I was so pleased’, for instance. The more present you are the better the lesson will go.

The start of the lesson is a critical point and how it is planned and delivered will make a difference to the rest of the lesson. It is a good idea to have some good examples of what works well for others and to share your examples of good practice.

The unexpected is pretty normal in all education settings so have resources and ideas that you can pull out of a hat if you need to.

A quiet voice, no shouting and silence are all amazingly effective strategies for calming the noisy and disruptive classroom.

State the behaviour not the protagonist has already been mentioned but it is good to reinforce it here. It is also good practice to stand in very close proximity to that one pupil who can easily disrupt the whole class.

Praise and celebration of the whole class or something you have seen rather than singling out one person leads to all pupils feeling a part of that good class feeling.

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