Activity – Positive Learning Strategies


This slides provides you with a suite of positive learning strategies that you can build in to your repertoire of developing your skills as a Cover Supervisor.

Each of the words or phrases are what create a learning culture that will build an atmosphere of trust and challenge. Start by sharing your own practice in relation to some of the words and phrases above, how often do you give praise and for what? What do we mean by positive language? When do we reward and for what? What does positive body language look like?

Activity: You will find these phrases and words as a separate powerpoint in the resources section. Cut the boxes out using a guillotine so that they are all the same size. They then make a set of cards.

Following on from your discussion, work together to rank the behaviours in order of importance, putting what you think is the most important at the top.

Each Cover Supervisor and each teacher is different and you may all rank these differently, that is fine but remember they are all important as positive learning strategies.

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