Active Listening Skills (part 1)


Listening is one of the most important skills for all of us who are in the world of education. It is an important skill for anyone but where we are interacting, learning or being taught, listening actively gives is an insight into what is being heard and interpreted.

For a coach listening is an essential skills. The coach has to hear what is being said, has to feel that the person being coached is comfortable with what they are saying, is honest and not hiding their inner feelings. Listening allows us to hear but also to see how the other person is reacting to questions they are being asked.

On the slide are a number of important skills linked to listening. It is not just how well we listen but how well we show the other person, the coachee, pupil, colleague that we have heard what they have said.

So reflecting back, paraphrasing or repeating what we have heard, summarising the main points of a conversation all help to engender trust and allow the other person to feel confident to continue to share their self. Using silence in powerful as we have discussed earlier. Being focused on what the other person, pupil or colleague is saying and nodding or using terms of encouragement are important as are challenging another to be more explicit, or say more

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