A Whole Organisation Strategy for Coaching


Here at Learning Cultures, we have designed a suite of coaching courses for all staff. Building a coaching culture does involve everyone in the process, maybe not at the same time, but certainly as part of a medium to long term strategic plan. Everyone will benefit. It isn’t on this flowchart, but we have developed a course for one special school, focusing on how to have the difficult conversations with parents.

We run all our courses as live webinars, we run some events, face to face meetings, and we can come in and deliver to teams to departments and phases and to the whole organisation. We also offer a certification route to becoming a coach.


I hope this short course on coaching and the ways that you can begin to think about how you might plan to create a coaching culture in your organisation has been helpful.

Building a coaching culture helps to manage change, support staff and learners, builds self awareness and creates a culture of continuous professional development and learning. We have the expertise, get in touch and start your coaching journey with Learning Cultures.

Thank you very much.

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