The Expert Series

Creating high-quality Pedagogy, Building Confidence, Deepening Knowledge, Sequencing Learning

CPD box sets of essential resources, materials and research findings linked to strengthening the expertise of teachers in the primary and early secondary phase who do not have first-hand expertise and qualifications in the subject they teach.

The curriculum has a vocabulary of its own that teachers both new to teaching and who are experienced in their role need to be in synergy with and use in their planning. Words and phrases such as quality, sequencing, subject concepts, substantive and disciplinary knowledge, powerful knowledge, building on prior learning, clearly defined end points, all require consideration and be woven into deep and rich curriculum content within individual schools and collectively across the profession.

Equally, each subject has a rich vocabulary that relates to that subject alone and then another host of words that transcends the subject and creates for the teacher and the learner an opportunity to make connections across the curriculum and deepen their knowledge over time.

We have developed CPD packages of learning for science and the suite of National Curriculum foundation subjects.

Each package contains video presentations to set the scene and explain the many nuances of defining the curriculum intent, curriculum design, pedagogy, deep learning and assessment.

There are five stand-alone sections including:-

    Defining a sequence of learning from early years to year 6 and beyond
    A vocabulary ladder for learning linking generic and conceptual language
    A knowledge organiser
    A lens onto pedagogy and active learning leading to the acquisition of deep knowledge, conceptual understanding and skills competence
    A focus on assessment, learner outcomes and assessment

Deepen your subject knowledge, make a difference to learning, create the expert learner

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