Personal Coaching

One to one coaching for educators

Realise your goal, define your priorities and manage positive change

One to One Coaching for Senior Leaders and Others in a School or College Setting

£900.00 + VAT for six face-to-face sessions of up to one hour each. Individuals work with an expert coach in order to reflect on your goal, define priorities, find solutions and focus on how to manage change and build positive futures.

Coaching is by far the most effective way of successfully managing self-improvement, effective learning and high levels of progress and achievement.

There is an increasing demand for us to offer a service for one of our expert coaches to work with Headteachers, senior leaders, managers or teachers in a school or college on a one-to-one basis.

One-to-one coaching gives those involved an opportunity to reflect on their own actions and practice and gives them time to focus on their vision and goals for the future. It is a confidential place where an individual can explore their own potential and find the confidence to innovate, try new approaches and, in short, take risks that they may otherwise feel too isolated to contemplate.

This service can be undertaken over a short period of time, say over a term or can be scheduled over the life of an academic year.

Working in education can be lonely. A coach can be a confidential critical friend who will not judge and will not direct. He or she will use their skills to build confidence so that the recipient of the coaching can find their own solutions, reflect on their own decision making and instil confidence that will drive positive change.

To find out more about this service telephone Glynis on 01746 765076,email us at or go to the Contact us page on our website and leave us your details.

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