Sequencing Science in the Primary Phase and Key Stage 3

by | May 17, 2023 | Curriculum

Enhancing the Curriculum Expertise of Science Leaders and Teachers

How will this course benefit you?

This event looks in detail at the current and growing body of research into how to plan and teach the primary and early secondary science curriculum.

We look at the curriculum standards and use a variety of practical resources and materials to support science leaders and teachers in the creation of a creative and rich curriculum offer.

There is an imperative to ensure science curriculum implementation sequences the learning, allows pupils to develop conceptual understanding and hone the skills that allow them to make connections, deepen their understanding and be ready to tackle more complex scientific knowledge as they move towards key stage 4 and beyond.

What will be covered as part of the day?

  • Defining the vision for curriculum intent and implementation linked to a desire to ensure the teaching focuses on how pupils ‘think scientifically’
  • A deep dive review of the primary science curriculum, vocabulary, aims, concepts, skills and the sequencing of knowledge
  • A focus on pedagogy and specific strategies for ensuring pupils learn the science curriculum through a planned and sequenced curriculum offer from key stage 1 to the end of year 9
  • A review of how Sequencing Science is assessed with a deep focus on questioning and feedback
  • Time to reflect on the role of the Science subject specialist in translating the school vision into high quality science outcomes for all pupils

Who is this course for?

  • Science subject leads with the responsibility for translating the curriculum intent for sequencing science into positive curriculum plans for their teams across year groups and key stages.
  • Senior school leaders who have overall responsibility for designing the curriculum and ensuring the science curriculum implementation delivers what is intended.
  • Science teachers who are responsible for implementing a seamless and progressive learning experience that builds on prior learning and is planned towards clearly defined end points.
  • Heads of Science in Key Stage 3 Those with responsibility for sequencing science in key stage 3 need to have a profound understanding of what has been taught and to what depth in the primary phase so that the learning is seamless over time

This course has been written and is presented by Glynis Frater, who has recently published her book ‘Primary Curriculum Design & Delivery

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The book ‘Primary Curriculum Design and Delivery by Glynis Frater‘ has now been published.

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