Senior leadership coaching programme

Senior Leadership Coaching Training Programme

Senior leadership coaching training programme for teams of school and college leaders

This programme is for teams of senior, middle or subject leaders who will learn how coaching is an essential leadership skill that unlocks the potential of others and cascades the highest quality learning and teaching

  • Designed to span three terms or an academic year
  • Creates opportunities to learn to coach as part of a leadership role and build your coaching skills over time
  • Three full days of intensive training with an expert coach and experienced senior leader in education
  • Work with a leadership coach throughout the year who will listen, question and help to facilitate change and challenge
  • Have access to materials, tools and techniques, research and support over the whole programme
  • Achieve a Certificate in Leadership and Coaching for each team member

A powerful programme of learning, practice, reflection and empowering change and challenge

Senior Leadership Coaching Training Programme
Senior leadership working together through coaching
  • Work with expert coaches to enhance your leadership and coaching skills and focus on how to create and maintain a coaching culture within a school, college, trust or alliance
  • Maintain the presence that ensures you lead others to accept responsibility for change and challenge
  • Develop as a coach and empower others to know their own strengths, find their own solutions and create teams that deliver the vision and ambition for all learners
  • Create professional learning communities that work together to ensure there is a cohesive and collaborative approach to the planning and delivery of the curriculum and other essential elements of leading an organisation in an education setting
  • Learn the feedback and feed forward techniques that mean all staff are part of a process that leads to the highest quality learning outcomes and where continuing professional development is an integral part of the planning process
  • Be a part of a growing number of educators who can see that coaching is the way to create an outstanding school where there is a synergy and belief in excellence and high – quality outcomes for all

Why learn to lead a coaching culture?

Coaching is all about empowering others to find their own solutions
  • Supports the management of change and challenge across the organisation
  • Builds strong teams that work together to achieve carefully crafted goals and priorities
  • Allows individuals to find their own solutions and become more self-aware and positive in their roles and with their colleagues
  • Creates an atmosphere of trust where all staff are focused on how to build a culture of high quality learning and teaching, well-being and behaviour
  • Ensures existing staff feel valued and an essential part of the success of the organisation and therefore want to stay and where new and prospective staff want to join an organisation that will value them

What is the structure of the programme?

Team working to create and lead the vision
  • A suite of pre-course reading and activities to prepare the ground prior to the first session which will always be scheduled to run at the beginning of a new academic year or term
  • Three in-depth training days run over twelve months where we will explore the synergy between leadership and coaching. Take a look at the content within each one.
    1) Leading and empowering to realise the vision
    2) Creating a cohesive culture of excellence and deep learning
    3) Sustaining and growing powerful systems and structures
  • Between each of the actual training sessions participants can access a suite of coaching sessions where your coach/trainer will be there to be a supportive listener and advocate where individuals can share their goals, their successes and barriers and focus on how to maintain a momentum
  • We advise keeping a log of progress towards achieving the goals set at the beginning of the programme and for participants to engage in up to 20 hours of coaching with colleagues and others across the duration of the programme. Learning how to coach is without doubt one of the best opportunities any leader can have in their pursuance of excellence and high quality educational outcomes for all staff and learners.

Who is this programme for?

Senior leaders including Headteachers, Principals and members of the senior leadership team, will gain a range of skills and outstanding insights into how to be an exceptional school leader. The opportunity for some pre-learning and reading prior to the training is highly beneficial and the opportunities to use some of the post webinar resources, activities and tools and techniques make sure this course continues to be of value into the future. The focus on coaching means it will complement but not duplicate some of the materials and activities included with the National Professional Qualifications especially NPQH and NPQSL.

Innovation and creativity through positive professional coaching conversations

CEOs and other leaders working in Multi Academy Trusts and Teaching School Alliances, there are huge benefits from learning how to coach as part of being the leader of a multi organisational trust or alliance. Visible and strong leadership is essential in building trust and creating the right culture that leads to collaboration and a collective vision is essential. Using coaching as part of a strategy where change is a necessary part of making a difference is proven to work extremely well.

Aspiring leaders and those with responsibility for CPD or NPQs, having confidence in how to use coaching skills as part of professional learning is profound. For those aspiring to lead in the future or who are have responsibility for professional development for existing staff or ECTs the benefits of this programme are many and wide. Coaching is powerful as part of feedback for observation, part of excellent interview technique and as part of creating the right approach to appraisal, meeting structures and being a member of a professional learning community or action learning set.


We offer a Certificate in Leadership from Learning Cultures Limited on completion of this programme.

The programme will provide evidence of up to 30 hours of CPD for those who take part. The content complements but will not duplicate any of the National Professional Qualifications.


3 – 5 people: £4,550.00 + VAT Book here
6 – 9 people: £6,300.00 + VAT Book here
9 + people: £8,750.00 + VAT Book here

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