Learning Cultures Celebrates the launch of our new website

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Learning Cultures Celebrates the launch of our new website
Shining a light on innovative CPD

Moving towards new and innovative futures

We have just launched our new website. There is a general feeling of spring in the air and a sincere hope that all of us who work in the education profession can start to move towards new and innovative futures. Our new look website reflects our own changing approach to continuing professional development and is built to represent our own journey from when we first learnt that schools were closing to now when we can look forward to continuing to offer the highest quality CPD, powerful coaching opportunities and whole school strategies for improvement.  

We have learnt a great deal about how we can continue to offer excellent training virtually whilst still maintaining a presence where our highly qualified and knowledgeable trainers and consultants continue to share their expertise and deep understanding of education, policy and practice

Our new website is carefully structured to incorporate six categories that embrace all the potential CPD and training that schools and colleges will need as they begin to focus on the professional development needs of all staff from leaders to managers to teachers and support staff and other individuals who help to create a learning culture.

A blend of face-to-face and online CPD

We are continuing to offer a range of courses as live webinars. We have found that the best approach is to host these over two weeks with two sessions of two and half hours each. We offer morning sessions or twilight sessions. We provide a wealth of resources, materials and the presentation and one of our training team is there to deliver the training sessions just as if they were in the same room. The titles we are offering are included in one or more of the six categories listed above. This approach has been so successful that we will continue for the next few terms at least.

Dip your toes in to one of our face-to-face events

We are also hosting four events in prestigious venues for those who really do want to dip their toes into going out for a day to work with others face-to-face. There are advantages of course, a lovely lunch, a chance to network and an opportunity to see new places and faces. We will run more of these kinds of events as we move forward from here. We will take lots of photographs and share how successful we are with attracting you all back to face-to-face events.

We also have a suite of off-the-shelf packages that you can buy to use any time you like to run your own full days training. These are set out in five sections, there are videos, resources, proformas and activities, everything you need for your own CPD sessions. CPD Box Sets come as a physical box as well as electronically and because we can’t offer lunch we put some chocolates in the box.

Join our growing network

There are many excellent reasons to join our network of education professionals.

Collaborate and learn with the most talented profession in the world.

Our members receive free online resources and cameo training sessions that will give a subject lead, CPD manager or team leaders video or audio presentations, materials and tools to deliver CPD at staff briefings, twilight sessions or other short training opportunities.

These short cameo training sessions are refreshed once a term and the topics are chosen to relate carefully to policy issues, recent research and in response to the Learning Cultures’ training needs analysis we conduct on a regular basis with the profession. 

The Series for Spring 2022
  • Leading a Coaching Culture – creating a pedagogy of positivity
  • Learning how to listen like a coach – learn to listening actively and foster trust, self-belief and a willingness to change
  • Defining the key steps towards a culture of co-operative learning – foster higher achievement and a deep motivation to learn
  • Re-framing the purpose of lesson observation – a partnership for continuing professional learning
  • Curriculum sequencing – shining a lens on deepening knowledge, skills and understanding over time
  • What is Lesson Study and how can it enhance professional learning for your teachers?
Online network meetings for senior and middle leaders

We will be hosting half-termly network meetings for our members. Each meeting has a theme linked closely to what is currently on the minds of leaders and their teams working in the profession who want to share their thoughts, their concerns and their plans for the future.

Each meeting is hosted by a member of the Learning Cultures’ coaching team. Where it is relevant, we invite a keynote speaker to share their expertise. Our next meeting is on Wednesday 18th May. Contact us to book a place.

The theme for this meeting is Re-defining the curriculum for September 2022 – understanding the vocabulary of curriculum intent and implementation.

Coaching at the heart of everything we do

Set your goals and focus on the journey towards success

The principles of coaching underpin everything we do here at Learning Cultures. Have a look at our new look coaching section on the website. Work with our team of expert coaches to develop the leadership and coaching skills that will support your quest for high quality outcomes and excellence across your school or college.

Work with us to develop the coaching skills that will create high performing teams that work collaboratively through solution focused approaches to managing change and challenge. Work with one of our coaching professionals and have a series of one-to-one coaching sessions to support your own professional development.

Have a look at our suite of coaching live webinars. There is a course for every member of the organisation. Join us at our summer coaching event Celebrating the Power of Coaching in Oxfordshire. Or build your own expertise as a coach and train towards certification with our programme Certification in Coaching Competence – a journey in coaching.

Curriculum and the ultimate substance of education

Our CEO and founder is writing a book at the moment about the curriculum. She has surrounded herself with curriculum experts and between them they have designed some stunning courses and webinars around curriculum and its power to change lives.

Have a look at our list of live webinars about curriculum on the new website. Join us for our face-to-face event this summer, Curriculum – Challenge, change and new perspectives at the National Sports Centre in Lilleshall. We have a brand-new series of live webinars called The Expert Series. These webinars are for those subject leads and teachers working in the primary school or in key stage 3 who are not actually experts in the subject they lead or who are but would like a refresher linked to the current standards-based curriculum model.

CPD at your fingertips from an expert team

Please have a good look around our new website. It has been designed to build new futures for the education profession. We have many collective years of experience of delivering CPD for educators and we are so excited to help schools and colleges, MATs and TSAs, universities and training providers find the solutions to their CPD needs as we emerge from an astonishing period of history.

New Books


The book ‘Primary Curriculum Design and Delivery by Glynis Frater‘ has now been published.

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