Innovation in CPD for Teachers and Leaders in Education

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Innovation in CPD for Teachers and Leaders in Education

How does continuing professional development (CPD) make a measurable impact on improvements in teaching and learning in your school or college? In this significant week for educators who have GCSE results in their sights this is a question that needs to be an integral part of the analysis of what has worked and what can be improved for next year’s cohort of year 11 and post 16 students and their learning journey so far. For primary schools the same was true a few weeks ago with the publication of the latest SATs results.

Innovation in CPD for Teachers and Leaders in Education
Always learning leads to excellence for all

The last two and a half years have been tough, we know. The way forward is still uncertain but there is one overriding principle that all of us in education need to focus on; high-quality, innovative and relevant CPD is an essential ingredient in making sure we do the best for the learners who depend on our expertise to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need for the next stage of their learning and their lives. Educators must be continually learning and building their expertise, without this, high-quality educational outcomes can’t realistically be realised.

Relevance a powerful driver for innovation in CPD

Create your own success – know your own learning agenda

Relevance is the first strand that we have focused on in our vision for excellence in our own offer of innovation in CPD for all the schools and colleges we work for. We continually reflect on the content of our materials. We undertake extensive research and we create exceptional and always well-received resources. OFSTED’s ‘Education Recovery Review for Summer 2022‘ reassures me that the courses and programmes we offer are relevant, challenging and informative.
We can support the profession with highly interactive and content-rich materials linked to many of the observations and areas of improvement suggested by OFSTED in this report, let’s take a look.

Innovative CPD must be sustainable and cost-effective and delivers a high-quality education for all

Innovation in CPD is the second strand we have focused on over the summer holidays in order to create and maintain a CPD offer that is both sustainable and cost-effective.

  • We are continuing with our on-line webinars but we have made them slightly different with some pre-course reading, a three hour session face to face with one of our expert trainer/coaches and a suite of post-course materials and activities so that those who attend can cascade their learning to others. Below we look in a bit more detail at the relevance of the courses we design and deliver in relation to how research from OFSTED suggests the pandemic has affected learning and improvement and how we need to move forward from here. It is remarkable how closely what we offer aligns.
  • We are launching our ‘Coaching and Leadership in Education’ programme for leaders who want to develop or enhance their leadership skills and use coaching to strengthen their role and the role of others in the pursuance of excellence and achievement across the school or college
  • The exciting strand of CPD is our Expert Series for subject leaders. We have created an in-depth and well-researched suite of materials, activities and expertise for those who have responsibility for subject specific learning in the primary phase and key stage 3. More details about these exciting and content rich courses can be found below in the next part of this post.

Why choose Learning Cultures?

  • Our team have all worked in senior leadership in education
  • We have an enviable reputation for high quality design and delivery of innovative and highly relevant CPD
  • We are a research organisation and work closely with many partners to build the best there is in the materials, activities and resources we provide you with
  • Our coaching in education ethos is a strand through all the work we do and provides us with powerful tools, techniques and models to support the teaching profession
  • We design our courses and programmes so that the presentations, materials, resources and activities can be cascaded widely to others thus ensuring the training has an impact and is cost-effective and sustainable.

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