Expert Subject and Curriculum Leadership

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Expert subject and curriculum leadership – delivering the vision for high quality learning and teaching

The curriculum as a fulcrum for excellence in teaching and learning

by Glynis Frater – Director of Curriculum and Coaching at Learning Cultures

Subject leadership and curriculum expertise
Expert subject and curriculum expertise

I have just finished writing a nine-chapter book that focuses on the threads and frameworks that are essential elements in the design and delivery of a well-structured primary curriculum. It will be published in the new year.

There is no doubt in my mind that expert subject and curriculum leadership in both the primary and secondary phases of education require the highest quality ongoing professional development that embraces deep knowledge of a subject leader’s own subject and a much wider understanding of how their subject sits within the wider curriculum family.

To be an expert in subject and curriculum leadership it is essential to focus on the perennial questions,

  • What is a curriculum and what should it have within it?
  • How is the content in programmes of study or other curriculum plans translated into exciting knowledge rich and skills focused pedagogy that leads to deep learning?
  • How is the curriculum designed to meet the needs of all pupils?
  • What is the local context that provides the basis for the choices of what to include?
  • How does the wider context for learning build the curiosity and a love of learning that will sustain over time?
A journey of discovery into curriculum quality and wonder

The journey I have just embarked on in the research and writing of my book has renewed my already zealous passion for the profession I chose to be a part of. Understanding the theory that underpins the essential practice of pedagogy, having expert subject knowledge and being fully aware of the wider curriculum framework within which each subject sits is what creates the outstanding practitioner.

It is expert curriculum and subject leadership that is the bedrock of curriculum implementation that will foster a learning culture where every pupil whatever their starting point achieves because they feel the enthusiasm and passion within every subject they learn about.

CPD that offers a deep dive into the substance and structure of both the primary and secondary curriculum. Firstly, build a holistic understanding of curriculum theory into practice. Join us and work with an expert curriculum leader or buy the course to use anywhere, anytime with your curriculum, middle and senior leaders.

Expert subject and curriculum leadership creates a tapestry of learning

Essential expert subject and curriculum leadership builds highly a tapestry of learning and highly successful teams

The subject leader has a pivotal role in interpreting the curriculum vision or intent through powerful dialogue that will inspire their teaching and support teams to translate the intent into successful implementation strategies. Their role is to manage how the curriculum is put into practice in the classroom in relation to a collective and consistent dedication to high quality pedagogy and learning.

They have a role to play in building cohesive teams that have the confidence to plan and implement high quality content and use their pedagogy and classroom management skills to create an experience for their pupils that will ensure they build on prior learning, know their own goals for what it is they want to achieve and reach clearly defined end points where progression is assured.

Essential CPD for Subject Leaders

Expert leadership through research and continuous professional learning

The imperative is to sequence the learning and to identify the subject vocabularly and the concepts that are within the subject and across other subjects that span the whole curriculum. Also, they must identify and help pupils to acquire the skills they need to access deep knowledge and retain that knowledge over time so that they build their learning in readiness for the next stage, phase or topic.

Coaching for Subject Leaders – building 1st Class subject and curriculum teams

For subject leaders, their learning journey must look to the curriculum intent, curriculum vocabulary, curriculum sequencing and how to develop deeply knowledgeable teams who can interpret the vision and rationale for curriculum excellence and create ambitious schemes or work that weave a tapestry of deep learning. Subject leaders must have the coaching and leadership skills to motivate, to manage change and encourage reflection and self-review.

Learning Cultures’ subject leaders’ course is built on deep research and expertise from our talented curriculum team. It can be delivered as a live webinar or as an off-the-shelf on demand package for you to use anytime, anywhere.

Creating expert subject teachers where in every lesson across all subjects teachers create a culture where excellence is evident in every lesson. The role of a subject leader is to build teams who create the learning experience where pupils are fascinated, want to learn more and are continually challenged. Our expert series gives subject specialists the curriculum knowledge, understanding and confidence to make a difference.

Join us on 11th November for our event ‘Sequencing Science in the Primary School and in Key Stage 3’ A must for all those who want to make science come alive for learners in early years, KS1, KS2 or KS3. Have a look at our ready to use packages of support for those who teach the foundation subjects in EYFS, KS1, 2 or 3. The Expert Series has excellent resources, materials, further research and activities all at your fingertips to use at a time to suit the timetable, the subject teams and the school.

Talk to me, Glynis about your curriculum plans and how we can help. Myself and my team have the expertise and a deep understanding of all things curriculum.

Glynis Frater, glynis@learning or telephone 01746 765076 / 07974 754241.

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The book ‘Primary Curriculum Design and Delivery by Glynis Frater‘ has now been published.

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