Developing a Learning Culture

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Developing a Learning Culture – collaboration, communication and cohesion

A school must have learning at the heart of its mission, vision or rationale, that goes without saying. Creating the culture where every pupil has a positive learning experience, where every teacher knows that their own professional development is nurtured and where the curriculum is structured in such a way that all pupils can access knowledge, develop their skills and feel inspired to want to build on what they already know and to continue to build on their learning is more difficult to achieve and is the essence of effective leadership.

Educational leadership is complex, there are so many spinning plates to juggle where change is constant both as a day-to-day occurrence and because of the external forces that determine expectations and drive accountability.

Creating a steadfast and confident workforce that can be a part of achieving the vision for deep learning, successful pupil outcomes and outstanding teaching is at the heart of building a learning culture but requires energy, commitment and the skill to empower others to deliver quality standards that build exceptional teams.

Leading as part of developing a coaching culture and creating the right conditions for distributed leadership is a powerful way forward. We have an outstanding programme for individuals or teams of senior leaders. Develop your coaching skills as part of leading the vision for change and challenge.

Senior Leadership Coaching Training Programme

Leading excellence through coaching for senior leadership teams in schools
A three term programme where senior leaders can learn to coach as part of their role in school

Distributed Leadership that Creates a Learning Culture

Senior leaders need to know and use skills that will empower others to be an integral and vital part of achieving the rationale and ambition that defines the vision for excellence and improvement.

Where leaders know what they want to achieve, know the strengths of those who can help them and feel confident through delegation, trust and effective information they can achieve their short, medium and longer term goals. Creating the opportunities for your middle and subject leaders to develop as coaches is a powerful way forward.

Coaching for Middle Leaders – coaching to influence change and build exceptional teams

Coaching for Subject Leaders – implementing seamless learning, curriculum excellence, outstanding pedagogy and deep learning

Here at Learning Cultures we specialise in coaching because we know the power that coaching has to enhance leadership, empower others to find their own solutions and help to build exceptional teams. Listening to leaders from across all education phases I know the difficulties that the profession currently faces.

Our role as teacher educators, leadership specialists and curriculum experts is to find solutions that will ease the pressure, build confident futures as well as create the evidence that high quality outcomes are both the goal and the realisation of potential for all those within the organisation.

Why Creating a Coaching Culture is a Profound Decision?

Coaching is a form of professional development that brings out the best in people, uncovers strengths and skills, builds effective teams, cultivates compassion and builds emotionally resilient educators. Coaching at its essence is the way that human beings and individuals have always learned best.

Elena Aguilar: The Art of Coaching – Effective strategies for school transformation

Creating a coaching culture is one of best decisions a senior leader can make. It is a process but one that drives positive change, motivates and empowers others and puts learning at the heart of the desire to build systems that drive excellence across the whole organisation.

Where a senior leadership team learn the power of coaching they learn the skills that empower others to take on more responsibility, to foster the highest quality professional dialogue that shapes positive decision making and allows individuals to manage change, find solutions and take measured and calculated risks.

Distributed leadership ensures that what is planned is achieved and where things go slightly awry there are opportunities for reflection, learning and a determination to use that learning to strengthen resolve and build resilience.

The power of coaching should never be underestimated. Coaching is about positivity, looking forward and being confident that change brings new beginnings, innovation and creativity. Defining the goals for moving forward from what has been a challenging a difficult couple of years will be achieved if coaching is used to shape the strategies and enhance how teams work collaboratively and in harmony to achieve the ultimate vision for learning.

Coaches motivate, they never criticise, they actively listen. A coach asks incisive questions that lead to self-awareness and the realisation that the solution lays in their own hands and not someone else’s.

Next Steps for Coaching and Building a Learning Culture

Firstly, work with your team to share what you know is already working well, reflect on what it is that makes a difference and how through professional dialogue you can all share and celebrate the positive, and then build a plan around these essential points,

  • Articulate clearly what it is you want to achieve, clarify the vision and empower others to believe it and want to embrace it
  • Share your commitment to achieving the vision for developing a coaching culture as the way forward towards whole school excellence
  • Know your teams, their strengths, their motivations and their professional development needs
  • Understand the barriers to success and focus on how these can be overcome
  • Create an alliance or coalition of staff ambassadors who will drive a coaching culture across the school
  • Define a training programme for your team of coaching ambassadors or champions
  • Ensure the resources exist to implement change such as time, space, CPD expertise and the commitment from senior leadership
Certificate in Coaching Competence – a journey in coaching

An outstanding course for your team of Coaching Ambassadors or Champions
A three-term programme for learning to coach as part of developing a coaching culture

CPD is essential but it must be sustainable, deliver impact and build a learning culture. There is no better way to have the evidence through powerful and positive dialogue that is achieved using a coaching model of professional learning.

We have over 20 years of experience of using coaching as a conduit for change, for quality and for learning. Listed below are our coaching courses. They can be live webinars, events in venues or delivered bespoke for your organisation. We have the certification routes described above and if you would like we have a wonderful one-to-one coaching opportunity for individual leaders, managers or teachers.

Start with:
An Introduction to Coaching in an Education Setting
For senior, middle and subject leaders:
Coaching for Senior Leaders in a School or College – lead a coaching culture
Coaching for Middle Leaders in a School or College
Coaching for Subject Leaders – Implementing seamless curriculum excellence
Re-thinking Appraisal in an Education Setting
Positive Lesson Observation for Constructive Feedback, Change and Challenge
For those with a pastoral role:
Coaching and the Pastoral Role – building self-esteem, nurturing learning
Building Positive Behaviours and Attitudes in the Classroom and Beyond
To support excellence in teaching and learning:
Approaches to Instructional Coaching – Personalising CPD for teachers
Coaching Towards Outstanding Teaching and Learning
For the ECT mentor:
Coaching Training for the ECT Mentor – going beyond mentoring
For support staff and Cover Supervisors
Coaching for Teaching Assistants and Support Staff
Coaching for Cover Supervisors – Seamless learning when the teacher is away

Why not book a free 30-minute coaching session with me, Glynis Frater. Coaching is the most powerful tool in the leadership skills box for any CEO, Principal or Headteacher in a school, college or MAT.

Use the Contact us page on our website or you can email me or telephone either 01746 765076 or 07974 754241.

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