Curriculum Futures – Building a learning culture for now and for tomorrow

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Curriculum, Leadership

Curriculum futures

There is an imperative to make sure every learner who returns to school or college this week knows that they bring with them a whole host of positives from their experience of home schooling, a loss of freedoms and lost opportunities to be a part of their community and the wider world.  No one can capture lost learning or bring back missed experience, so the best way forward is to celebrate what has been learnt and give huge credit for all our pupils’ resilience, stoicism and optimism. Curriculum futures means a real focus on how to use the planning for learning allows learners to feel confident that their learning will not suffer.

Everyone from the learner to the teacher, to the leader and to the parent can reflect on what has gone before and be duly proud that we are turning a corner but also that learning has taken place. Our pupils have managed their own space, their own time, learnt how to use new technology, listen more attentively and be less dependant on the teacher. Have a look at our ‘Top tips for ensuring learners can make the transition from home schooling to the classroom’, collected together from several influential pieces of research.  Evidence is powerful that learning will continue and where there is catching up to do the essential ingredients are fostering self-esteem and self-belief.

Learning Cultures weaves a coaching philosophy into the design of all our training courses and programmes. One of the most important messages to instil in any individual who wants to be a part of building a coaching strategy is to always look for the positive, never dwell on the past and believe sincerely that there is no such thing as failure just time to learn and grow every day. If this is your starting point you will see a way forward that will be inspirational and create for all those who are part of school life a belief that the rest of this academic year and the next is an opportunity to innovate and be creative in how to build on prior achievement and develop expert learners whatever their starting point.

Our team have revelled in the opportunity to learn new skills and be a part of the focsu on curriculum futures. Our live webinars have proved to be overwhelmingly popular and the feedback has been outstanding.  It is a new medium for CPD and we are unlikely to see it disappear from our training repertoire. We have also created a suite of asynchronous courses that allow schools and colleges to use the five sections in each course either to conduct their own INSET or to deliver training over several sessions. They are flexible and have an unprecedented amount of materials, presentations and resources that can be used again and again. We have also created a suite of shorter ‘In a Nutshell’ courses for individuals and teams to use when they are looking for bite-size CPD opportunities.

We have hosted online whole organisation INSET and have designed bespoke courses for leaders, managers, teams and others within a school or college.  The future is most definitely blended, it is doubtful we will return to the expensive and time consuming off-site courses that involve travel, cover and sometimes an overnight stay for all our CPD needs. There is potential for a lot more learning and a lot more interaction with an online platform that still delivers high quality training and deeply pertinent messages for the new world we have watched emerge over the past year or so.

We have created a wealth of relevant and interactive training titles, here are a few that are a must go to as we emerge from a year like no other. Here at Learning Cultures, we are delighted to share our expertise, deep research and innovation to bring answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. For CPD there is no better start, here are a few of the titles we think will be essential over the next few weeks.

Curriculum Futures - Building a learning culture for now and for tomorrow

There is loads more. Have a look at our website and start your journey towards a positive future.

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