CPD for Curriculum Quality, Outstanding Pedagogy and Seamless Learning

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CPD for Curriculum Quality, Outstanding Pedagogy and Seamless Learning

The future of education is in the hands of educators, new, developing and experienced. Strong leadership and highly knowledgeable teams will enhance learning and take forward exciting and innovative strategies to support high quality education outcomes for all. There are many pressing avenues that all leaders of education who want to return to a new but refreshing normality will need to prioritise as they pursue what will have the greatest impact and provide the most evidence to deserve the accolade of excellent or outstanding.

CPD for Curriculum Quality, Outstanding Pedagogy and Seamless Learning
Making sense of all the curriculum pieces creates a coherent picture that defines quality and learning

Sequencing and quality assuring the curriculum, prioritising literacy especially reading, the mastery of mathematics, thinking and working scientifically, building highly successful teams, skilling subject experts to deliver outstanding pedagogy, seamless learning across transition bridges and mentoring ECTs using the new framework, are some of the many preoccupations that might impede sleep or make the most positive leader overwhelmed.

Positive and effective CPD where the emphasis is on the C for continuing and consistent opportunities for all staff to work together to achieve the vision and learn from each other must be deliberately and carefully planned so that continuous improvement is assured.

Creating sustainable, cost – effective and highly effective CPD

Learning Cultures has been in the business of educating educators for 12 years now. Every member of our own exceptional team have worked as senior leaders in education; schools, colleges, universities or professional bodies. We have a philosophy, originally built on high quality sector led research, that stand alone CPD that is not shared and cascaded widely has very limited impact. CPD that is designed to be shared, emphasises the essential need for reflection and creates opportunities for professional learning conversations to take place over time will influence change, foster positive and effective professional development and build exceptional teams.

This philosophy is enhanced by our commitment to coaching, the single most influential pedagogy for continuous learning there is. Coaching is all about positive language, highly potent questioning, a deep commitment to sharing and cascading good and excellent practice and a sincere belief that all individuals, staff and pupils can achieve more and be successful in their endeavours.

Plan ahead to be outstanding

Building a high impact CPD strategy for whole school cohesion

Learning Cultures design their training courses, INSET days and longer certification programmes by paying unrelenting attention to sector-led research, current policy and the deep experience we all have of what makes a significant difference to learning. Linked to the list above, which is by no means definitive join us as one of our highly regarded online webinars and have a wealth of materials, resources, activities and research to read for much longer than the duration of the training session or sessions.

Dipping our toes into face-to-face training

Dipping our toes back into the world of face-to-face training days we are now hosting a second opportunity to look in depth at the science curriculum, how to sequence the learning, how to assess for progression and how to ensure pedagogy helps learners to think and work scientifically.

Creating outstanding futures

Sequencing Science in the Primary School and Key Stage 3 at the Science Museum in Birmingham on 24th June 2022.

We have three other face-to-face events this term. Book a place and network with colleagues and our expert trainers.

Join our growing network of professional educators and coaches and receive 20% discount on courses and programmes. Take advantage of our cameo courses that provide a short window into what we offer and be a part of regular network meetings to share good practice, debate current policy and focus on solutions focused futures.

New Books


The book ‘Primary Curriculum Design and Delivery by Glynis Frater‘ has now been published.

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