CPD for a Deep Dive into High Quality Education

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CPD for a Deep Dive into High Quality Education Outcomes for all

INSET  – Cost effective and sustainable whole organisation solutions

All our training courses are designed to provide a wealth of materials, resources and activities that challenge all staff to manage change, focus on excellence and know the part they play in achieving the school or college vision. Our training is built from a deep understanding of the education sector and we draw on both national and international research.

CPD for a deep dive into leadership in education

Effective leadership in education leads to outstanding results. Build your strategy with our expert team of school and college principals, highly trained and successful coaches and curriculum experts. Develop or deepen your coaching skills so that you can empower others to achieve and excel. Create a culture where every member of staff works in synergy to deliver outstanding learning for all.

CPD and a deep dive into our coaching and curriculum training courses

CPD and a deep dive into our coaching and curriculum training courses

Choose from online training, face to face training in hotels and other venues or ready to use off – the – shelf box sets that give you all the materials, videos and resources for a deep dive into CPD at a time to suit your training or INSET timetable. Discover how uplifting it is to use coaching skills to inspire others to innovate, share ideas and build highly effective professional learning communities.

Why choose CPD that builds a coaching culture

The imperative is to build positive futures that will ensure that all learners can learn from the past and take the skills they have learnt over the past year and a half to enhance their approach to the next steps in their education. Using coaching as the catalyst ensures that all staff and pupils focus on their successes and not their failures. Coaching is all about empowerment, creating the right conditions where change is seen as a way forward and not an imposition.

Learning how to coach gives leaders the opportunity to allow others to find their own solutions, take risks with their own learning and development and innovate where they know they are trusted and respected. Learning about listening gives teachers and their line leads the power to facilitate a learning environment. Coaching gives leaders, managers and teachers the skills to question so that individuals are challenged to find their own solutions and feel confident that they have the skills and the strengths to make a difference.

Coaching is the solution to building a high quality education where consistent good and outstanding practice leads to excellence and improvement across the whole organisation. Contact us to discuss all your CPD needs with the education experts.

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