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Leadership in education is unique and highly specialised. Headteachers, Principals, CEOs of groups of schools and others with senior leadership responsibility have many priorities to juggle as they define their vision for ensuring the smooth running of the most complex of organisational structures. Leading in education is different from that of any other kind of business. There are so many facets and variables to take into consideration and nothing ever really stays the same for long. However, CPD for teachers and all other educational professionals is essential.

Why coaching for leaders in education?

Creating the right leadership style and building teams that can deliver the vision is essential. Creating the right culture where learning is at the heart of defining curriculum intent, planning for effective professional development and building powerful and high quality systems all need careful consideration.This is why coaching is such a powerful tool in the leadership box for any organisation that has learning at its core. Creating a coaching culture is all about empowerment, leading others to find their own solutions, building communities that share their practice and having the unstinting belief that all those within the organisation have the potential to flourish and grow.

Creating a culture of professional learning and development

The many facets of leadership in education require leaders to think carefully about how they will create a culture where professional learning and development deliver the vision and ambition that leads to sustained success. The team at Learning Cultures have all been senior leaders of education excellence so we know that the starting point may be different for each leader and all those that make up their team of senior staff. There are potentially five points that need consideration in the process of deciding to pursue a course of action defined by a coaching strategy,

    Knowing your strengths and the attributes that lead to positive and decisive leadership
    Defining the vision linked to high quality goals and priorities for change
    Developing highly successful teams who can interpret and are trusted to deliver the vision
    Creating a culture where learning is at the heart of everything
    Instigating strategies and systems where collaboration and partnership are at the heart of delivering high quality education outcomes through the deliberate setting up of professional learning communities
    Building self-belief, positive attitudes to feedback and a tacit belief that all staff and learners can make progress and ultimately be successful in their endeavours

Leading a Coaching Culture – Where to start?

CPD for teachers and all other educational professionals is essential!

Talk to us about your vision and your goals for creating a coaching culture in your school or college. Use our contact us page or telephone us on 01746 765076 or email me, glynis@learningcultures.org.

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