Quality and Leadership in Education

Shaping a Strategy of Excellence and Continuous Improvement

Warwick University

date to be confirmed …

Cost: £345.00 + VAT for one delegate and £295.00 + VAT for a second or subsequent delegate

9.30 – 16.00 with lunch included and an opportunity to work with experts in how to develop sustainable quality assurance systems that will deliver a cohesive and whole organisation blueprint for change and challenge

What will be covered as part of the day?

We build on the successful strategies that exist within many of our highest performing organisations to celebrate the power of Total Quality Management as a transformational system for schools and colleges to use. Quality in a school or college setting is about harnessing potential, realising goals, managing change and understanding the potential for outstanding learning and teaching

We are delighted to announce our two Keynote speakers who have a wealth of talent and expertise to share about the power of coaching, see below.

Glynis Frater – CEO and Director of Coaching for Learning Cultures Glynis has worked extensively across all phases in education working closely with government and high-profile education change makers to build a deep knowledge of how quality assurance systems define the strategies that build high performing schools and colleges. She has written extensively for the education press and is currently writing a book about the quality of learning and teaching and its impact on curriculum design and delivery.

Lee Taylor – Director of Quality and Curriculum at Learning Cultures Lee has a wealth of experience as a headteacher and education advisor. He has a deep understanding of quality and the systems schools and colleges can adopt to create a collaborative and cohesive culture where all staff know the part they play in creating outstanding leaders, teams, teachers and learners. Lee will share his vision for excellence and how through robust and positive adherence to a system of Total Quality Management significant change leads to outstanding practice through co-operation and a shared vision that every member of a school or college community will achieve and exceed their full potential.


We will run these twice so that all delegates can attend all four.

Workshop 1 – Quality and its context in an education setting

An opportunity to look closely at the seven principles of quality that are carefully crafted to create a framework that everyone can use to build quality assurance systems that are consistent and well-defined across curriculum, people management, pastoral care, the support functions and teaching and learning. We will use and give delegates to away an audit tool to set the scene for planning to define or redefine quality.

Workshop 2 – The role of the senior leadership team in planning and delivering quality strategies for change and challenge

Effective and positive leadership is essential in the quest for high quality education across the sector. In this session we look at the skills and qualities leaders must have to empower others to work together towards a shared vision for change, challenge and excellence across every part of the school or college.

Workshop 3 – Defining high quality teaching and learning and the strategies that ensure outstanding pedagogy is shared and cascaded widely

Quality assurance systems must include an in-depth focus on what we mean by outstanding pedagogy and learning. We look at the qualities that teachers need and the approaches to lesson planning, classroom management, progress and assessment that must be consistent where professional learning communities build a commitment to continuous improvement and the celebration of good and outstanding practice.

Workshop 4 – Defining the mechanism for implementing a quality assurance system 

Focusing on roles and responsibilities and the success criteria that will be at the heart of ensuring quality assurance delivers positive and powerful learning, leadership and sustainable futures for all. We have a range of resources to support those with the responsibility for quality within their organisation that will enhance their ability to build consistent and cohesive systems that make a difference and provide the evidence of collaboration and co-operation across the whole organisation

Who is this for?

Senior leaders who want to look at their strategies for implementing quality systems to either re-enforce them or look again at building change and challenge for staff across the school or college.

Middle and Subject leaders who will learn the unparalleled impact that developing formal quality assurance systems can have on an organisation where learning is at its heart. We provide practical tools and strategies to use back in school or college that will make a difference.

Teachers and ECTs, Business Managers and other professionals who have an important role in building high quality systems that support all staff to achieve their full potential.

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