Curriculum Challenge

Curriculum Challenge, Change and New Perspectives

Essential for all those who have responsibility for designing, implementing and assessing impact of the curriculum?

Central London Venue

date to be confirmed …

Cost: £345.00 + VAT for one delegate and £295.00 + VAT for a second or subsequent delegate

9.30 – 16.00 with lunch included and an opportunity to work with experts in curriculum design and delivery

What will be covered as part of the day?

Key note: Glynis Frater who will be publishing her book on the curriculum in the spring of 2023 and who will set the scene for a powerful and in-depth look at how to create the collaborative strategies that will ensure curriculum intent is translated into positive high-quality pedagogy that delivers deep and sequential learning.

Workshops: There will be four 1.5-hour workshop opportunities delivered twice so that delegates can attend all four. A curriculum expert will share their knowledge and best practice examples of high-quality curriculum design and delivery. There will be a wealth of resources, research and materials to use as part of the workshop and to take away to use with colleagues back in school.

  1. Leading the Curriculum Vision – an in-depth look at the evidence that defines high quality education outcomes and how to create a cohesive and whole school strategy that delivers deep and sequential learning across all subjects and for all learners
  2. Creating a tapestry of knowledge, skills and conceptual understandinga focus on the need to have the evidence that pupils have the skills to access knowledge and the conceptual understanding to make connections in their subject learning and across all learning
  3. Sequencing the curriculumthat builds on prior learning and leads to clearly defined end points so that pupils are deepening their understanding and retaining knowledge in their long-term memories
  4. Assessing the learning – creating the strategies that build a culture where what is being assessed is an intrinsic part of curriculum planning so that subject leaders and teachers know how well pupils are progressing and to what extent they have retained powerful knowledge over time

Who is this course for?

Senior school leaders who have overall responsibility for designing the curriculum and ensuring the curriculum offer leads to positive outcomes for all learners.

Curriculum and Subject leads and Department Heads with the responsibility for translating the curriculum intent into positive curriculum plans for their teams across year groups and key stages.

Subject teachers who are responsible for implementing a seamless and progressive learning experience that builds on prior learning and is planned towards clearly defined end points.

We look in detail at the language of the curriculum in relation to how senior leaders and their subject teams work together to define how to deliver high-quality education outcomes for all learners whatever their starting point. We give delegates resources and materials to support them to ensure that the planned curriculum focuses on standards linked to subject knowledge, subject and cross-curricular concepts and how pupils build on prior learning over time and sequence learning towards clearly defined assessment points.

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