Celebrating the Power of Coaching

Celebrating the Power of Coaching

The Studio, Cannon Street, Birmingham, B2 5EP

Thursday 18th May 2023

Cost: £345.00 + VAT for one delegate and £295.00 + VAT for a second or subsequent delegate

9.30 – 16.00 with lunch included and an opportunity to work with experts in curriculum design and delivery

Coaching is the most outstanding pedagogy, an essential strategy for leadership and a powerful way to ensure sustainable and motivational CPD delivers a high-quality education for staff and learners within a school or college.

This conference brings together a wealth of talent and experience of both leadership in education and expertise as coaches and teachers of coaching. We focus on how coaching makes a significant difference to the professional development and well-being of all staff and supports pupils and students to be exceptional in their ability to learn and progress well throughout their time in education.

We are delighted to announce our two Keynote speakers who have a wealth of talent and expertise to share about the power of coaching, see below.

Glynis Frater – CEO and Director of Coaching for Learning Cultures Glynis has worked extensively across all phases in education to develop coaching as a successful strategy for managing change, developing positive CPD programmes and building a culture that celebrates good and outstanding practice.

Glynis will explain how developing a coaching ethos in school will help to meet the changes to policy, curriculum and assessment and the demands of OFSTED or other inspectorate bodies. She will also explain how through the development of a coaching culture in any education organisation can have a positive impact on team building and collaborative leadership.

Sandra Stansfield – Head of Coaching Certification and Quality

Sandra will share her experiences of working with schools and colleges to embed coaching as a culture that builds powerful strategic change. She will also talk about how the coaching certification programme has supported many organisations to develop teams of coaches who are equipped with the skills to continue to develop a coaching ethos within their school or college.

Sandra’s experience of and passion for coaching are evident and she will bring to life how to make the decision to start a coaching journey a reality.

There will be an opportunity for a question-and-answer session as well as time to review some resources we are giving away as part of this conference. Glynis and Sandra and other members of the coaching team will be on hand to share their knowledge and expertise.


We will run these twice so that all delegates can attend all four.

Workshop 1 – Coaching as catalyst for change, challenge and collaborative leadership

An opportunity to look at the essential elements of planning to introduce coaching as a strategy for change and challenge across the whole organisation. We look at the different levels of coaching that can be highly effective in cascading excellence across the organisation, including instructional coaching, the introduction of professional learning communities and facilitative coaching.

We look at the principles of coaching and the skills and attributes a leader can use to build a culture of trust and transformation, ensuring all staff can work towards achieving their own solutions focused goals and deliver high quality outcomes for individuals, teams and the whole organisation.

Workshop 2 – Power of Coaching for middle and subject leaders and establishing high performing teams
The role of the middle or subject leader is pivotal in creating the right culture for change that ensures all staff are able to translate the school or college vision into powerful solutions. We look at the power of coaching as a vehicle for creating highly effective teams that work together in the pursuit of excellence and improvement.

The current drive for outstanding curriculum design and delivery requires a collaborative and cohesive approach to planning and implementation of high quality pedagogy and learning, coaching is the framework that delivers powerful and enduring change.

Workshop 3 – Power of Coaching and the Pastoral Process
Well-being is high on the agenda at the moment and the role of the pastoral leader and the teams they manage is vital. Where those involved in the pastoral process develop the skills and attributes of a coach, they are far more likely to provide support for learners within a year group who are not currently adapting well are not progressing as they should.

Coaching can deepen an understanding of how certain behaviours arise and can be dealt with. Developing a range of coaching skills will help teachers and the pastoral team when they interact with pupil, students, parents and carers and create a climate of trust where challenge is seen as positive and uplifting.

Workshop 4 – Power of Coaching as a Pedagogy that delivers outstanding teaching and learning

We look at the power of coaching as means of sharing good practice with colleagues building collaborative learning strategies that can be modelled in the classroom. We also look at the skills of listening and questioning and their power in creating outstanding pedagogy in the classroom and as part of consistent assessment strategies that motivate and inspire learning and progression.

Who is this for?

Senior leaders who are looking to introduce coaching into their school or who have already begun to develop a coaching programme and are looking for further support or to find out how other schools or colleges are using coaching to focus on organisational change, develop learning and teaching and build high quality strategies for CPD.

Middle and Subject leaders who can use coaching to create a culture of collaboration and shared planning so that teams work together cohesively to deliver consistent outcomes such as curriculum, teaching and learning, well-being and quality.

Teachers and ECTs for whom coaching can be the catalyst for outstanding practice. Coaching is a pedagogy and developing the skills of a coach builds a repertoire of outstanding practice

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