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The Curriculum in Education

The curriculum and how it is planned and delivered for maximum impact is high on the policy agenda. Continuing professional learning is essential so that the curriculum delivers high-quality, progressive and sequenced learning from early years to adulthood. We have the expertise to help you create the right culture where collaboration and expertise work together to ensure curriculum cohesion is delivered through breadth of knowledge, profound skills and deepening understanding.

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Find out more about our exceptional team of experts in curriculum in education design and delivery.

Learn About Coaching and its power to create professional learning communities that work together to turn a tapestry of skills, knowledge and concepts into powerful curriculum learning for all.

Embark on a journey to become a coach with our Certificate in Coaching Competence – A journey in coaching and use coaching to plan, deliver and assess high quality curriculum outcomes. Association of Coaching


Take a tentative step out of school and attend one or more of our off-site prestigious events 

We can deliver INSET or in-house workshops that provide deep insights into how to plan, deliver and assess the curriculum in education. 

Online services 

Live webinars focus on the Coaching, Leadership & Quality, Curriculum, Teaching & Learning, Well-being

Share your vision and your goals for success through personal one-to-one coaching conversations with a curriculum expert.

Own one or more of our comprehensive five section CPD Box Sets that you can use with your staff at a time to suit your timetable and CPD schedule.

The Expert Series is a suite of materials and training for subject experts in primary schools and key stage 3 to deepen their understanding of curriculum imperatives and curriculum implementation.


Select topical articles linked to curriculum innovation, current education policy, and powerful CPD opportunities. These are broken down into five sections.