Module 3: Sustain and grow powerful systems and structures

This is the third of three modules that make up our Coaching for Leadership Programme. It will be delivered either as a full day or as two half-days and we have the flexibility to offer in-house or online depending on what works in different circumstances and for different groups of participants.

This module creates opportunities to focus on the leadership role in relation to how through developing positive and powerful systems and structures a leader and their teams work together to develop strategies for quality assurance and coaching approaches that create a sustainable and lasting impact on learning, progression and continuous improvement across all areas of the organisation.

It is through the development of powerful systems and structures that leaders can lead their teams to deliver the highest quality outcomes. Maintaining the momentum so that talented, resourceful and resilient teams continue to translate the vision, rationale and ambition to deliver high quality learning for all is an essential outcome and continuing to strengthen coaching within the leadership teams will reap benefits. It is at this stage that leaders can look in detail at the next steps in their quest to create a coaching culture where excellence and outstanding teaching and learning are cascaded across the whole organisation.

Coaching is about trust and creates for the leader the ability to be able to lead with confidence, to be able to nurture the potential of others and have the power to elevate and accelerate everyone within the organisation towards being an integral part of a learning culture.

How will this module benefit you?

This module provides the senior leader with the opportunity to reflect on current strengths that create effective systems and structures within and across their organisation in order to delve deeply into what needs to change and how leaders can reflect on how what is currently working well can influence aspects of the school or college where change or challenge would be beneficial for whatever reason. The opportunity to use coaching tools and techniques to look in detail at the management of change create for the leader an opportunity to build and sustain resilient and resourceful teams who will work together to build strong systems and structures.

This module asks leaders to focus on the context within which their school or college is placed and the different elements that need to be a part of a holistic improvement model. These include, learning and teaching, professional development, coherence and consistency, working with parents, governors and the wider community and building powerful curriculum strategies that deliver excellence across all learning and for every learner.

What will be covered in the module?

  • Reflecting on the strengths and improvement needs for different aspects of the school or college. Use a change model to focus on your sense of urgency and build your vision through SMART goal setting and deep reflection. Consider the implications and advantages of systems redesign for your organisation and the teams you lead
  • Focus on the drivers that power effective systems that create tangible and strong structures and how to empower others to work in synergy to drive positive change that will have an impact on continuous school or college improvement
  • Consider the different options available in the pursuit of developing a coaching culture across the whole organisation that will sustain the realisation of the school or college vision including the introduction of Professional Learning Communities and high quality coaching related CPD
  • Share your long term vision through coaching conversations and reflect on your own ability to empower change across the different elements of the school system
  • Take away action planning tools and techniques to continue to build strong systems that rely on a leader who has high expectations of all those within the organisation, has the confidence to trust in teams to make change happen and who has a positive impact on learning for all pupils and staff across the whole organisation

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