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Crossing the Transition Bridge KS2 to KS3 – Digital Download
Glynis Frater


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What will you achieve by completing this this course?

This course looks at how lesson observation can be a transformational process welcomed by all as part of professional development and learning.  Building trust and fostering confidence in the process of observing classroom performance and its impact on learning allows for both the observed and the observer to reflect on how to use observation as an essential part of continued professional development and learning.

The best way forward is to make it explicit that lesson observation is part of professional learning for all those concerned. Every member of the teaching staff needs to be involved, all should have the opportunity to observe others and engage in professional learning conversations about the quality of the lesson, what worked well and what the teacher might do differently next time.

Giving teachers an opportunity to talk about teaching and learning as part of lesson observation gives them the opportunity to celebrate what they do well, share what achieves impact and take away the ideas and best practice from other practitioners. There should be a high degree of trust between the observed and the observer. In a coaching culture the observer is not there to judge but to feedback in a positive way that creates for the teacher an opportunity to learn and grow in their role.

The course provides those who take part with opportunities throughout to practice coaching skills and deepen their understanding of how to feedback positively to encourage reflection and foster a motivation to want to make changes and to learn.


  • Designed in Five Individual Sections
  • Containing Videos and Recordings
  • PDF’s, Presentations and a Wealth of activities for you to use and share
  • Bibliography of further reading and research

What will be covered in the course?

  • Reflecting on the current value, purpose and impact of lesson observation in your organisation – reviewing what works well and what could change
  • A focus on the new education inspection framework (EIF) and in particular the quality of education judgement. Defining what OFSTED are looking for in relation to the school vision and ambition for pedagogy and learning
  • Lesson observation for professional learning – how can we change the emphasis from performance management to professional learning and development and use instructional coaching in a very positive way?
  • Focusing on pedagogy, curriculum planning and implementation, learning outcomes and progression – making lesson observation integral to continuing professional development through highly effective and motivating conversations
  • A deeper focus on highly effective feedback techniques and questioning skills and how using facilitative and instructional coaching techniques will support positive change
  • An opportunity to practice and review how coaching creates a shared understanding of the intrinsic value of lesson observation as part of developing a learning culture

Certificate on Completion

A certificate of completion is awarded to participants who completed all of the tasks on the course to a satisfactory level.


We believe passionately that great teachers have a lasting impact and Learning Cultures is here to help and support you through your coaching journey. If you have any questions or need further information or support, please Contact Us or call us on 01746 765076

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