Module 2: Create a culture of excellence and deep learning

This is the second of three in-depth training opportunities that make up our Coaching and Leadership Programme. It will be delivered either as a full day or as two half-days and we have the flexibility to offer in-house or online depending on what works in different circumstances and for different groups of participants.

This second module focuses on how coaching helps leaders to build a compelling and confident presence to support them to empower others towards change and challenge. We guide participants towards learning and using some highly effective coaching skills and strategies. We look at how to create a culture of excellence that focuses on ensuring learning is at the heart of every strategic decision linked to all aspects of running a school or college including developing and maintaining quality systems, curriculum planning and implementation, teaching and learning, behaviour, pastoral care and well-being or organisational change and continuous professional development.

Leaders taking part will use a range of coaching models and tools and techniques to focus on imaginative approaches to managing change and challenge and build resilient and effective teams that ignite the spark of innovation, creativity and continuous improvement. We look to facilitate the creation of a culture where the power of conversation through the development of the professional learning community builds cohesion and a collaborative approach to whole organisation excellence.

We want participants to develop the leadership skills that will empower others to find their own solutions, be resilient and positive in their interactions with learners, colleagues and stakeholders and deliver positive and productive change and challenge.

How will this module be of benefit in your role as a leader?

This module builds on the learning in module 1. Here we focus on how to use coaching skills as the basis for developing teams and other groups or departments to translate the vision into strategies for continuous improvement. The focus could be on curriculum implementation, behaviour, pastoral care and well-being, pupil premium, teaching and learning or quality for instance. It is for the leader to develop the coaching skills to empower others to share in structured and productive professional dialogue that will lead to high quality outcomes that echo the school ethos and vision for excellence.

It is through exceptional leadership that change leads to having the evidence that what is intended is actually delivered with outstanding results. Creating the culture defined by coaching empowers your teams to take the baton of responsibility and feel trusted to create, innovative and build high-quality learning for staff, pupils and others.

What will be covered as you work through this module?

  • Focus on your own leadership style and reflect on how you build relationships, create opportunities for others to take ownership and foster a culture where others take responsibility for delivering and implementing the vision for change and challenge
  • Understand the nature of positive feedback linked to active listening and having presence and positive leadership without imposition or didactic leadership
  • Define quality in education linked to the seven pillars of quality assurance in education and how to build strategies that allow others to know what success will look like and the impact that high-quality expectations for all have on learning and continuous improvement
  • Learn some of the strategies and techniques that support the development of resilient and effective teams. Understand the nature of teams and the roles that support effective team working and delve into the science of team coaching. Know the value of the Professional Learning Community and Action Learning Sets and how fostering their development can build outstanding and sustainable change
  • Use some tools and techniques to continue to learn or refine your coaching skills and reflect on how coaching is impacting on your relationship with the teams and individuals you lead. Share ideas and thoughts on how to influence those who continue to doubt or to block the process of change and challenge

You can book a place by returning to the Certificate in Leadership and Coaching page or use our Contact us page to request a call from one of the coaching in leadership team.

Create a culture of excellence