Coaching for Teaching Assistants and Support Staff – fostering co-operation, collaboration and reflection

This course is delivered as a live webinar.

How will this course benefit you?

Where support staff develop coaching skills, they can work more closely with the teacher and other educational professionals to create a culture of reflection, professional dialogue and help to foster excellence in learning and achievement. 

Developing a range of coaching skills such as the ability to use deep and rich questioning, become active listeners and focusing on the positive are skills that will make a significant difference to the role of the Teaching Assistant and or other support staff.

What will be covered in the course?

  • Reviewing the role of the Teaching or Support Assistant – allowing them to reflect on their own understanding of the impact they have on learning
  • Examining the role and nature of support in the classroom – teaching, learning and assessment
  • A focus on curriculum intent and implementation and how to focus on breadth and balance and the need to create opportunities for challenge and deeper learning
  • Looking at how coaching skills can enhance the role of the Teaching Assistant in ensuring positive feedback encourages and motivates learners to achieve their full potential
  • Planning next steps using the GROW coaching model to develop a strategy to focus on priorities and issues to take back to school

Who is this course for?

  • Higher Level Teaching Assistants, Teaching Assistants and other support staff who will learn some valuable coaching skills to support them in their role with teachers and with pupils.
  • Teachers who work closely with Teaching Assistants and who want to use coaching to ensure professional learning conversations support learning, progression and successful outcomes for all pupils
  • Managers with responsibility for a team or teams of Teaching Assistants who want to use the materials and learning from the day to train others back in school

How much will it cost?

First Delegate

£295 +VAT

Second or Subsequent Delegate Price

£245 +VAT


Morning Sessions (9:00am – 12.00pm)

Monday 20th June 2022

Monday 3rd October 2022

Twilight Sessions (2.00pm – 5.00pm)

Tuesday 6th December 2022


  • Very enjoyable, I have learnt so much, all this has so boosted my confidence
  • So much to take away and use with my colleagues and the pupils in the classroom, I have learnt a lot from the training that I will be able to put to good use
  • I now know how to use questioning, listening and positive feedback with pupils I support. It has been so useful, I am so looking forward to putting some of it into practice, Thank you.
    An excellent learning experience – Thank you Learning Cultures!