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Creating a culture of professional learning and collaboration through teacher performance appraisals.

Positive and Effective Professional Development – Creating a culture of professional learning and collaboration through teacher performance appraisals

How will this course benefit you?

This course focuses on the power of coaching to transform the culture of an organisation. We look at how to ensure professional development is an integral part of a process of creating the culture where all leaders, managers and teachers set challenging goals and know the part they play for continuous school or college improvement.

We take an in-depth look at how to ensure teacher appraisal and capability is part of a collaborative process that leads to professional learning and development for all staff across the organisation.

We look at how to ensure individual goal setting and associated professional development is an integral right for all staff linked to the organisation vision, team priorities, managing well-being and individual needs and ambitions.

All staff need to understand the vision and the part they play in achieving it. They must be able to set their own goals and articulate their strengths and gaps in learning to define their own professional development needs.

If this happens there is a change of culture that is both infectious and meaningful and begins to create a well-informed and highly motivated staff that work together to achieve the high-quality outcomes that are essential to the vision

Key Questions?

Why change the language from performance management to professional development?

What is the cycle?

Who should be involved in an process?

What are the qualities of a good teacher?

How do we learn to give positive feedback?

How do you know the strengths within your team?

What is the impact of evaluating teacher performance?

The Education Endowment Foundation have recently published A guidance report: Effective Professional Development which recommends that schools should focus on.

The above are a manifesto for rethinking appraisal to check that the three recommendations above are integral to how the process will lead to continuing professional learning.

What will be covered in this course?

  • Why re-think appraisal? Reviewing the cycle of appraisal as a process for learning and professional development
  • Defining and sharing a vision for change – changing the emphasis from performance management to continuing professional development and learning 
  • How to use coaching to transform appraisal from a top-down model to a powerful vehicle for change using highly effective questioning and feedback techniques
  • We look at the DfE statutory guidance to set the scene for what is absolutely necessary and then build a coaching model that creates a culture of self-belief, self-awareness and how individuals can build on their own strengths to continuously improve and learn
  • An opportunity to use a variety of tools and techniques that will help to create a culture of trust and collaboration that fosters positive change
  • Time to focus on next steps using a coaching model to clearly define the goal and process that will transform appraisal 

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