Managing the Pupil Premium to Close the Achievement Gap – Digital Download


Managing the Pupil Premium to Close the Achievement Gap

Managing the Pupil Premium to Close the Achievement Gap


How will this course benefit you?

The use of Pupil Premium funding to close the achievement gap between those pupils receiving it and their non-Pupil Premium peers continues to be a key area of accountability for schools in England. This course focuses on how to ensure that the use of the funding has a positive impact on the learning and progress of disadvantaged pupils.

We bring together best practice, a wealth of expertise and the latest advice and guidance in how to ensure that schools can show profound evidence that this funding has a lasting impact on ensuring all pupils achieve their full potential.

What will be covered in the course?

  • A review of current DfE policy and the evidence that OFSTED are looking for.
  • A focus on recent research into effective intervention strategies and the impact these are having on learning, achievement and progress of specific groups of learners
  • An opportunity to look at tools and techniques that will support strategic improvement in the use of the funding
  • Resources to use to support the production of an action plan analysing and using relevant data and tracking documentation
  • A review of how funding is currently used and its impact on learning, using a RAG-rated audit
  • Action planning analysing external and internal tracking data, updating policy documents and reviewing the on-line statement

Who is this course for?

  • Senior leadership teams who have an overarching responsibility for ensuring the funding has an impact on closing the achievement gap
  • Middle leaders with a specific responsibility for funding and how it is used to support specific groups of learners
  • Pastoral leaders who support groups of pupils who may be disadvantaged and who may benefit from specific interventions



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