Enhancing the Role of the Numeracy Coordinator (Online)


We take a ‘deep dive’ with those who have responsibility for this essential element of curriculum planning.

Math concepts into context across the Secondary curriculum and beyond – developing a whole school numeracy strategy


How will this course benefit you?

In this course Enhancing the Role of the Numeracy Coordinator we look at how Maths is integral to learning within all subjects and across the wider curriculum. We take a ‘deep dive’ with those who have responsibility for this essential element of curriculum planning into how the substance of the curriculum is enhanced through an in-depth focus on the importance of mathematical concepts across a range of subjects such as, geography, physics, chemistry, design technology, history and music.

We use specific examples and focus on the many opportunities for teachers across the curriculum to support learners to become unconsciously competent in their use of Maths skills in subjects other than Maths. The potential for learners to use their Maths skills to express ideas, analyse accurately, explain with examples and evaluate with explicit references leads to deeper understanding and to learning that sticks.

  • Defining the roles and responsibilities of a Numeracy Co-ordinator or the individual responsible for maths as part of all learning
  • Focusing on where numeracy is integral to learning and can support the development of learners’ problem solving, reasoning and analytical skills
  • Creating opportunities to look at numeracy specifics and how to support subject specialists other than maths teachers develop their own deeper understanding of how to enhance the numeracy skills of learners
  • Planning a strategy for ensuring all teachers are confident and have the skills to highlight where numeracy skills are inherent in their teaching
  • Winning hearts and minds and creating a strategy that is embraced by all staff and gives learners the skills that support them to become highly competent in how and where number skills enhance the learning process.

Who is this course for?

Numeracy Co-ordinators or those with responsibility for cross-curricular learning who have the responsibility for ensuring that all those who plan and deliver the curriculum know when number is integral to learning across a range of subjects Head of Maths and teachers of Maths who have a specific responsibility for Math and need to be more involved in ensuring numeracy and Math are integral to learning in many other subjects
Curriculum Managers who can work with their teams and subject experts to plan a strategy that ensures the skills of numeracy and maths enhance the learning in subjects other than maths

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