Enhancing Reading and Literacy across the Secondary Curriculum (Online)


Reading and literacy skills are the key to knowledge acquisition and inspirational learning.

Reading and Literacy in the Secondary School – Weaving reading, writing, speaking & listening within subjects and across the wider curriculum


‘Now the Whole School is Reading’: supporting struggling readers in secondary schools. A report from OFSTED published on 31st October 2022


How will this course benefit you?

Reading and literacy skills are high on the agenda and this course looks in detail at the role of literacy as an integral part of curriculum planning for all subjects, phases and departments. All staff have a part to play in ensuring literacy underpins the way that pupils access the curriculum and gives them the skills to deepen their knowledge and express their growing and sequential understanding.

We provide a range of tools and materials for the Literacy Co-ordinator or those responsibility for ensuring literacy is integral to all learning to use with others to foster in-depth cross-curricular dialogue. This gives all subject specialists a focus on recognising that unconscious competence in the use of a range of literacy skills will impact on how well all pupils achieve and succeed in a range of contexts across the curriculum.

What will be covered in the course?

  • A focus on the role of reading and the wider literacy as an integral part of learning in all subjects across the curriculum
  • Defining the roles and responsibilities of a Literacy Co-ordinator, or leader in literacy in the context of developing a whole school strategy that puts literacy and particularly reading at the heart of learning
  • Focusing on learning and identifying how reading is the essential skill in the pursuit of the acquisition of knowledge and the ultimate use of higher levels of response
  • Creating opportunities to look at reading and other literacy specifics and a focus on ensuring effective literacy skills are taught as part of learning in all subjects 
  • Reviewing assessment of reading and other literacy skills as part of enhancing learning across the curriculum 
  • Planning for change and a focus on goals and strategies that will make a difference to future curriculum planning in all subjects

Who is this course for?

  • Literacy Co-ordinators or those with responsibility for ensuring literacy is embedded will benefit greatly from this course and leave with a wealth of ideas, materials and resources to share with subject leaders and their teams 
  • Head of English and English teachers who have a specific responsibility for teaching reading skills and embedding literacy across the curriculum and who want to work with their colleagues to ensure that literacy is integral to all learning
  • Curriculum Managers and those with responsibility for SEND will benefit from an understanding of the content of this day as part of their quest to ensure that knowledge and learning is sequenced and who can foster a commitment from all subject specialists and teachers that pupils across the ability spectrum have the reading and other literacy skills they need to thrive in every subject


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