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Coaching skills for the ECT mentor will support high quality outcomes and build resilience and powerful pedagogy

Going Beyond Mentoring the Early Career Teacher


How will this course benefit you?

Coaching for ECT mentors looks at how coaching, in particular Instructional Coaching can have a transformational effect on performance for the aspiring, early career or recently qualified teacher.

We look in detail at the Early Career Teachers’ Framework and how this in synergy with the Teachers’ Standards provides a foundation for high quality teacher development in the early stages of their career.

We show how developing coaching skills for the ECT mentor provides a superb framework to slowly develop in their mentees self-confidence, resilience and reflection that leads to excellence in pedagogy and learning.

This course Coaching Skills for the ECT mentor uses the Early Career Teachers’ Framework to delve into how best to create the right feedback approaches to ensuring ECTs are able to develop a range of pedagogical skills that will ensure that over two years they become exceptional teachers with a promising teaching career ahead of them

What will be covered in the course?

  • Provide those who mentor with the coaching skills to support their ECTs towards self-improvement and guide them towards setting their own learning goals and targets
  • Reflect on the differences between mentoring and coaching and how moving from a mentoring role to a coaching role will impact on building confidence and managing change
  • Focus on the qualities of a successful teacher and how mentors can influence their mentees to consistently deliver high-quality pedagogy that has an impact on learning 
  • Examine the principles of learning in relation to the recent emphasis on the curriculum and how it is planned and delivered across all subjects and phases
  • Build in a review of how formative assessment can be aligned to coaching skills and support high levels of challenge for pupils from across the learning spectrum

Who is this course for?

  • Mentors and aspiring mentors with responsibility for teaching and learning and the mentoring of early career teachers or those with only a few years’ experience
  • Heads of Teaching and Learning who can work in synergy with their ECT mentors to create high quality outcomes for ECTs and their learners
  • Aspiring managers and those professionals who want to learn coaching techniques to support the development of inexperienced, early career or trainee teachers and those who are part of a drive to embed a coaching culture across the whole school

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