Coaching Towards Outstanding Teaching and Learning London 13th October 2023 9.30am-3.30pm


Coaching is an outstanding pedagogy enhances teaching and learning. Listen actively and ask questions that motivate and build self-esteem is powerful and reflects the qualities of an outstanding teacher.

Coaching towards outstanding teaching and learning creates the pedagogy for curriculum quality and impact


How will this course benefit you?

Raising awareness of the power of using coaching with pupils and with colleagues will enhance the teacher’s skill in using questioning to probe and challenge. Learning how to listen actively builds trust and raises perception.

Understanding the value of coaching in helping individuals, pupils and colleagues to solve their own problems, be confident enough to innovate and learn through independent enquiry, peer to peer reflection and deep professional learning conversations all help to foster the outstanding professional in the classroom.

The content of the course ‘Coaching Towards Outstanding Teaching and Learning’ has a relentless focus on a deep understanding of pedagogy and how pupils learn.

Teacher Toolkit has some useful advice and information on how to use coaching to significantly improve teaching and ultimately learning


What will be covered in the course?

  • Defining the principles of coaching and its links to outstanding pedagogy and how coaching can have a significant impact on change and challenge within a school especially for those with a pupil facing role
  • Learning a range of coaching skills including how to influence change, how to use powerful and challenging open questions and how to become an active listener as part of developing and using independent and active strategies for learning in and beyond the classroom
  • An opportunity for self-reflection and raising self-esteem as part of developing as a coach. Looking at the role of emotional intelligence in recognising how individuals influence others to change and time to reflect on strengths and gaps in learning using a coaching technique
  • A focus on some of the teaching approaches that foster independent, active and participative learning in the classroom and using coaching to share good practice
  • A focus on goal-setting and an opportunity to practise coaching with others using a coaching model and the strength of the TRIAD as a model of self-improvement


Who is this course for?

  • Teachers both those with experience and Early Career Teachers – this course is for all those with a pupil facing role in the classroom and who want the opportunity to enhance their potential through learning how to coach. We hone down into a deep focus on pedagogy and learning and how coaching can have a powerful impact on sustaining high quality teaching in all school and subject settings.
  • Subject and curriculum leaders – those with the responsibility for supporting the staff development of experienced new and recently qualified staff and also with responsibility for performance management and professional development
  • Heads of Teaching and Learning – The resources, materials and messages that are part of this course will give those with a collective responsibility for teaching and learning with a wealth of materials and resources to support professional development for many with a pupil facing role.

Venue Based Courses

Our venue-based courses are held in high quality, corporate standard hotels, which are conveniently located throughout the UK.

Courses are run from 9.30am – 3.00pm with breaks for refreshments and lunch – all included in the price.

There are plenty of opportunities to meet and network with colleagues throughout the day.

All resources and activities will be given out on the day for you to use and they also provided digitally for you to take back to school to use again with your colleagues.

We believe that our education professionals deserve the very best and that’s what we aim to provide!

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